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Micro Group - Affiliate Companies

Microknits International [P] Ltd We stay tuned to the latest knitting trends and make continual improvements to our systems, processes and people to deliver the best fabric solutions and exceptional services, enhancing customer delight.
Micro Colour Makers Equipped with hi-tech and integrated dyeing, dryer, stentering, and compacting production facility we are a one-stop solution for most export businesses in Tamil Nadu, India.
Micro Green Wind Energy Private Limited We have implemented a green energy model that limits carbon emissions minimizing our environmental footprints.
Foundations for a sustainable future


Fusion of cutting-edge textile machinery and advanced digital technologies

Knitting Division

Integrating advanced digital technologies to produce high-quality knitted cotton, cotton-blended and lycra-blended fabrics in the shortest lead times, meeting domestic and international benchmarks.
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Dyeing Division

Equipped with advanced machinery for soft-flow dyeing, stentering, Relax dryer and compacting machines to deliver knitted dyed fabrics, meeting distinct customer requirements.
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Energy Division

We use sustainable and environment-friendly energy sources to power our operations contributing to a greener environment.

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Nurturing Trust


At Micro Group, we meticulously inspect each fabric to ensure adherence to customer specifications and regulations and conduct comprehensive testing to guarantee the durability and reliability of our fabrics to withstand various conditions.
  • GOTS
  • OCS
  • Oeko-Tex
  • ZDHC and MRSL compliant

Best Quality

Elevating standards with unparalleled quality
Weaving a sustainable future

Corporate Social Responsibility

People, Planet and Prosperity

At Micro Group, we strive to preserve the environment and contribute to the well-being of our communities, prioritizing sustainability with eco-friendly and acceptable practices.
Redefining quality standards