Microknits International [P] Ltd

Our knitting production facility, Microknits International [P] Ltd uses advanced digital technologies to produce high-quality knitted fabrics in the shortest lead times. Equipped with advanced knitting machines we have the capability to knit cotton, cotton-blended and lycra-blended fabrics that meet domestic and international benchmarks.
Our factory has advanced Mayer & Cie and Unitex machines configured to deliver different qualities of knitted fabrics. At Microknits International, we stay abreast of the latest trends in knitting and continuously improve our systems, processes and people to deliver the best fabric solutions and exceptional services to delight our customers.

Micro colour Makers

Our dyeing facility Micro Colour Makers, one of the leading hosiery dyers in Tirupur, India, was established as a small-scale manual dyeing factory in 1987. Over the years we have made significant progress by enhancing and strengthening our capabilities with advanced machinery for soft-flow dyeing, stentering, Relax dryer and compacting machines to meet distinct customer requirements and deliver knitted dyed fabrics at short turnaround times.
Our hi-tech machines are integrated with the latest textile technologies, enabling us to produce 4320 metric tons of dyed fabrics annually. We utilize eco-friendly and sustainable dyes and chemicals in compliance with Oeko-Tex, GOTS, OCS and Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL) to produce premium-quality and sustainable knitted dyed fabrics and minimize our carbon footprints.
Micro Colour Makers with its hi-tech and integrated dyeing, dryer, stentering, and compacting production facility is the preferred choice and one-stop solution for most export businesses in Tamil Nadu, India.

Micro Green Wind Energy Private Limited

We focus on green energy and embrace sustainable and environment-friendly alternatives by harnessing it from our 12 windmills strategically positioned across Tamil Nadu to power our operations contributing to a greener environment. We foster the use of mutually beneficial systems for the environment and the industry and have implemented a green energy model that limits carbon emissions minimizing our environmental footprints.
Our strategically positioned 12 windmills spread across Tamil Nadu produce 5MW of green power to support our power requirements through captive consumption. Our solar power system complements our wind farm by generating an additional 2MW power. At Micro Group, we fulfil our energy requirements with environment-friendly and sustainable alternatives.